Webinar on “Unleashing Your Potential: Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities in Freelancing”

The WUB Business Club organized a webinar in collaboration with Shikhbe Shobai on November 19, 2023. The title of the webinar was "Unleashing Your Potential: Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities in Freelancing." Approximately 90 students from the Department of Business Administration, who are members of the Business Club, attended the session. The keynote speaker was Farid Rony, a Full Stack Web Developer, Co-Founder, and Head of Education at Shikhbe Shobai.

Participants learned various ways of online freelancing, which is a great part-time source of earning. The keynote speaker demonstrated techniques for becoming a successful freelancer and provided guidance on the tools that can be used for online freelancing. The participants enjoyed the program and were motivated to pursue a relevant course to develop their freelancing skills based on their preferences.