Q. Is a Business Degree the Right Choice for Me?

In the movie “A Bug’s Life,” the villain, Hopper, was quoted as saying “First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.” Truer words have never been spoken, and when considering a degree in business, you must have tough skin when entering the world where “you’re the boss.”

Q. What Types of Business Degrees are Available?

There are three types of degrees to consider in your pursuit of a career in this department. These are:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management (BBA in THM)

Q. What is the Information Needed to Pursue BBA and MBA?

Bachelor’s Degree: A four-year bachelor’s degree, such as a BAA is generally your best choice for many reasons as most employers are looking for positions requiring this four degree at a minimum. Obtaining a BBA will inevitably open doors to maximum career climbing potential.

Master’s Degree: For top-level positions, you will definitely want to seek a Master’s degree. Employers seeking candidates for senior-level positions are looking for those with advanced degrees. Typically, this additional education requires an extra year or two of schooling beyond the bachelor’s level. Achieving a master’s degree may become an option offered to you by your employer to seek that top position in the existing company you work for.

Q. What Salary should I Expect with a Business Degree?

In terms of starting salaries, a business administration degree is one of the more lucrative majors. Students pursuing this major has the chances of becoming executives and CEOs of major corporations and even becoming the president of their own someday.

Q. What Kind of Career can I have with an Associates Degree in Business?

In general, an associate degree will prepare you for a wide range of possible fields to pursue, such as technical and trade careers, accounting and auditing clerks, sales, real estate and administrative or office management positions.

Q. How Important is business Degree in the context of Business?

Sometimes the decision to continuing your education and obtaining a master’s isn’t made early on in your education. It’s not necessary to make this decision right away. You may decide to obtain your bachelor’s and then your master’s as just a natural course for you or you could even be fortunate enough to have your employer send you back to school to obtain your master’s to advance within the company.

Q. Why is Business Accreditation Needed for Business Department?

One accreditation body was born, then one thought the other was too rigorous and yet then another one was born, and then, again. Having said this, it is best to choose a school with at least ONE of these accreditation statuses as a means to whittle away the schools that you need to avoid. I, personally, would recommend you perform your own research based on this information I have provided to get you started.

Q. What Courses are Involved in Pursuing a Business Administration?

Typically, a general business administration degree will include training in your base business skills such as marketing, human resources, accounting, advanced business software and small business/project management. In addition, students will be involved in courses that promote critical thinking, logic skills, decision-making, ethics and problem-solving. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business management will ensure your abilities to become a great organizer, to control daily operations, and to describe and implement planning for many different types of managerial positions.

Q. Are There Accessibility Services For Students Who Need The Support?

Department is committed to providing an accessible learning and employment environment for students.

Q. How Do I Apply For Transfer Credits?

Transfer Credits are granted using University’s rules and regulations. Accepted Transfer Credits impact your program curriculum by allowing you to avoid repeating coursework and graduate sooner. You will have to follow the instructions off of the Transfer credit website to apply for these credits.

Q. Do you have Experienced Faculty Members?

As such, Faculty members are very professional and competent in the business world.

Q. Is It Possible To Have Program Information Mailed To Me?

We no longer mail information out, however the department provide all program information online.