Postgraduate Programmes Details

BBA Major in Management

Bachelor of Business Administration major in Management provides students with a comprehensive understanding of all core topics relating to business, finance, economics, and marketing. One of the key benefits of studying management and business is that it offers the opportunity to undertake work placements and professional projects. With new businesses coming forth and old businesses needing an extra push in today’s competitive business arena, there are consistent job opportunities for aspiring managers.

Through WUB's BBA in Management program, students will gain the executive skills needed to be successful in their career ladder. The experience and skills gained including team-building, decision-making, and risk-taking will make them stand out in their internship, first job, and as their career develops. A solid foundation in management, hands-on experience integrating management skills, and knowledge of the global business environment will set the students apart from other graduates.

BBA Major in Marketing

Students can tailor their career with passionate at major in marketing by obtaining degree the bachelor of business administration with the selective courses like consumer behavior, marketing of services, marketing research, advertising concepts and graphics, global marketing. Marketing degree is open-ended and it provides a career in which personal preference is catered for, as for those who relish the challenge of networking and creating business relationships will be sure to thrive. Marketing is a diverse field to work and does anything but confine the career prospective.

BBA major in Finance

Do you have a definite interest in banking, economics and working with investments? Then a finance major might just be for you. This is a degree or qualification that carries a lot of weight and can also offer a lot of flexibility and potential for growth. Finance is an essential component of any business and finance professionals are usually high in demand. The broad range of skills and knowledge as well as the international scope covered in a finance major will leave you work-ready for employment in global markets. Studying finance can lead to well-paid career opportunities, in an industry where a shortage of talent, combined with an ageing workforce, is driving growth in the job market.

BBA Major in Accounting

A bachelor's degree in Business Administration with major in Accounting is meant to acquire knowledge of how to measure and report the financial events of an individual or entity. By studying Major in accounting in BBA program, students can learn practical knowledge about the audit process, analyzing financial statements, and applying accounting information to management-level decisions. In addition to tax-focused accounting, accounting majors also focus on managerial and administrative accounting that are available in this program.

BBA Major in Management Information Systems

A BBA student has to complete a course titled Fundamentals of MIS. The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of Management Information Systems. Students who want to continue their quest in the challenging and exciting field of information systems can take up major in MIS. A BBA degree with major in MIS would provide a solid ground for building a career in MIS.

An MIS major student will have to complete 15 credits by taking the following five courses: System Analysis & Design, Information Systems & Business, Communications Systems & Networking, E-Commerce, and Web Page Design & Lab.

It may be noted that the curriculum is designed to help students acquire practical skills and in depth knowledge to analyze, design, and build information systems and put them in use.

BBA major in Insurance and Banking

Insurance and Banking is a concentration under the curriculum of Bachelor Business Administration (BBA). Insurance and Banking education is vital in certifying effectiveness, professionalism and improvement of skills, because banking is one of the most dominant phenomena in recent economy and financial sectors. Major in Insurance and Banking enable students to be suitable for the competitive environment in financial sectors like Bank and NBFI’s that demand for their staffs to equip themselves with banking skills and knowledge in the financial sector. The study of banking and insurance are intended to empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate responsibly in the banking and financial services sector. This course will also provide basic and relevant knowledge about the regulations and law relating to practice of banking and insurance especially in the context of Bangladesh and describe various terminologies which help students to understanding and analyzing the various regulatory activities of banking, insurance policies, law and bank management as well.

BBA major in Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management provides application-based knowledge in staffing, training, negotiation, dispute resolution, compensation, and organizational behavior and leadership strategies in businesses. This program helps to enter in the human resources arena, generating approaches and solutions for managing a business’ most valuable resource. HRM graduates may also land jobs in Development and Training where they perform functions as counselors, career planners, training specialists, technical recruitment specialists or orientation specialists.

MBA major in Management

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration of World University of Bangladesh (WUB). Major in Management at WUB is committed to provide the utmost quality MBA major in Management Program in Bangladesh.

Management is such a profession which is a must in all type of organization. Without proper knowledge of management it is very difficult to run a business organization efficiently. A degree in Management will help a person to gain proper knowledge and skill in decision making and implementing, develop leadership skill and communication skill, time Management skill. This degree will broader a person’s world view.

MBA Major in Marketing

Postgraduate Options in Marketing is key to organizational growth. With this advanced-level degree, you will be too. The Master of Marketing will help you develop the practical and strategic capabilities required to deliver effective marketing strategies in a range of professional contexts. It’s a great course for existing or aspiring marketing decision makers, such as marketing managers, business unit managers, general managers and chief executives - it’ll prepare you for success in competitive environments, and for making tough decisions when it counts.

MBA major in Finance

For those pursuing a career that deals with financial management, an MBA specialization in Finance can prove to be precious and up-to-date in a career field which requires one to possess skills in Business Mathematics, Economics, and Financial Theory, all of which are covered in great detail in a finance degree, specialization or track. An MBA in finance balances financial math’s consistency with management classes, and can be a good way to direct your career towards suitable jobs in finance.

MBA Major in Accounting

Accounting professionals can be found across all industries, helping everyone from individuals and small business owners to the government. With specialized knowledge of tax law, payroll accounting, budgeting and business finance, accountants perform the indispensable task of insuring that businesses and individuals manage revenue profitably and legally. By studying Major in accounting in MBA program, students can learn practical skills about analyzing costs, managerial decision making, interpreting Financial Statements that employers need. This gives a much clearer career track.

By choosing to pursue an accounting major degree in MBA program, one can have a clear idea of where career will take you. After completing post-graduation with Accounting Major, students can get themselves enrolled in professional courses like ICMA, ICAB where they will get exemption in foundation level. Our post-graduates are employed in Banks, MNCs public and private Ltd. Companies and also in Public sector.

The curriculum emphasizes the analysis, design, and implementation of information systems. These skills and knowledge would be especially useful for those who are aiming at careers as system developers, systems analysts, database administrators, or management consultants.

MBA Major in Management Information Systems

An MBA student who is doing a job in the field of MIS or want to build a career in MIS would greatly benefit from majoring in MIS.

An MIS major student will have to complete 12 credits by taking following four courses: Implementation of Information Systems, Computer Based Simulation Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, and Management of Technology.

MBA major in Banking & Insurance

This course equips students with necessary knowledge & skills to become superior insurance as well as banking professionals. Bangladesh has a diversified Banking & Financial Services sector, which is undergoing rapid expansion. This field is full of career opportunities with secure future. Various banks and multinational organizations provide facilities to their employees. Students opt this field are well paid and have a bright career. Generally, these institutions look for those students who have good communication skills and have the ability to handle customers and possess basic knowledge about the industry.

The program curriculum and pedagogical tools used for delivery revolve around concept learning, practice and its application. The content focus is largely on applied concepts through class-room and practical learning with strong blend of core management concepts, applied subjects and work-place integrated skills.

MBA major in Human Resource Management

Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management is considered a critical aspect of every business. This degree enables a firm to achieve its goals. Managing human resource is an important business function in view of changing dimensions of competition coupled with globalization, unfavorable economic conditions, and unrest in industries and so on. Studying of major in Human Resource Management prepares students to think both strategically and operationally for the development of an organization’s workforce. This program helps to students gain the critical knowledge and core skills for becoming an effective HR professional. With a major in Human Resource Management from WUB, students become well equipped to apply various concepts and techniques to develop and manage the human resource- the greatest valued assets of an organization.