Industrial Tour to Akij Bakers Ltd by the Department of Business Administration

On March 7, 2024, the Department of Business Administration at the World University of Bangladesh organized a highly anticipated industrial tour to  Akij Bakers Ltd, a concern of the Akij Group located in Tongi, Gazipur.

Forty-two (42) eager students ranging from the first to the final year of their academic career in the Department of Business Administration joined the tour. Accompanied by faculty members, they arrived at the factory via the university bus. This tour aimed to bridge the gap between academia and real-world applications.

The session commenced with a concise briefing provided by a spokesperson representing Akij Bakers Ltd. After the presentation, the students were split into three groups, each with their respective faculty members and a supervisor for a thorough factory visit. The visit included demonstrations of how the products are made, packaged, and detailed descriptions of the oven functions, reserve tank usage, temperature control, and other machine functions. Additionally, the respective officer demonstrated how they maintain their cost records using methods such as LILO (Last In Last Out), FIFO (First In First Out), etc.

Following the factory visit, a Q&A session was held where representatives answered students' queries about topics such as what happens to expired goods, machinery maintenance, insights on their ISO certification, laborer count, and training process.

Throughout the tour, Akij Bakers Ltd displayed great hospitality. After the successful industry visit, lunch, and a brief Q&A session, the students enjoyed the arrangements made by Akij Bakers for amusement.

One of the notable experiences of the visit was the students’ exposure to factory operations and their learning experiences. They appreciated the greenery surrounding the plant site, the aesthetically pleasing office interiors, and diligent hygiene measures such as PPE usage and frequent hand washing prior to entering the factory segments. They also noted features like thick plastic curtains at entry and exit points to keep insects and dust away, as well as first-aid facilities.

This tour provided students valuable insights into how big manufacturing corporations function, the importance of brand diversity, and the practical application of classroom theories. We wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude to Akij Bakers Ltd for their cooperation and hospitality.

The tour was arranged by faculty members of the Department of Business Administration led by Ujjal Yaman Chowdhury, along with Issa Ahammad and Dr. Md. Mohidul Islam. The whole program was coordinated by members of the WUB Business Club and Entrepreneurship Club.