Tree Plantation Campaign by the Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration, World University of Bangladesh organized a Tree Plantation Campaign on 27th April 2024 to contribute to environmental conservation and achieve the sustainable development goal. We believe that tree plantation mitigates heat waves by providing shade, reducing urban heat effects, and absorbing carbon dioxide. Thus, taking action to combat climate change and its impacts can help us achieve Sustainable Development Goal-13. Additionally, this tree plantation aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land, contributing to climate action and environmental conservation for a sustainable future.

The department planted 40 trees near the permanent campus of the World University of Bangladesh, with teachers, administrative officers, and students participating spontaneously in the planting. Distinguished guests at the event included Prof. Zaki Imam, Registrar; Dr. Selim Ahmed, Dean and Head of the Department of Business Administration; Ahsan Thouhid Milton; and Md. Kamrul Hossain, Sr. Deputy Registrar, along with faculty members of the Faculty of Business Administration.

After the tree plantation, sufficient water was poured on the trees, and instructions were given to the university gardener to nurture the trees for the next few weeks to ensure their survival in this weather. It is worth mentioning that presently, the people of Bangladesh are facing a heatwave, and through this tree plantation program, we hope that in the coming years, this contribution will serve as a source of relief if such efforts are undertaken across the country.