Marketing is a diverse field to work in. A marketing specialist can fall within several sphere of activity--- whether it is data based research and analysis of consumer behaviour, or the more interactive task of selling and promoting a service or product to other people.

A marketing graduate equips themselves with the proficiency to relish the challenge of networking and creating business relationships that will make organizations to thrive.

The heart of modern business success lies in its marketing. In today’s competitive business world marketing does not only build brand awareness, but also increases sales, grows businesses, creates new customers and engages loyal customers with the company. Marketing is dynamic and challenging.

At WUB, we organize our course curriculum and programs focusing on creating marketing leaders who are innovative and competent to sense the market pulse and capable of making the stakeholders delighted.

Marketing Major Courses for Bachelor of Business Administration Any Five):

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing of Services
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing and Information System
  • Advertising : Concepts and Graphics
  • Global Marketing
  • Agricultural Marketing

Marketing Major Courses for Master of Business Administration (Any Five):

  • Management and Retailing
  • Sales Force Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Marketing for Non-profit Organizations
  • Global Marketing
  • Tourism and Hospitability Marketing
  • E-Marketing
  • Rural Marketing
  • Brand Management